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The “NOREMI” translation agency is located in Bergen, Norway and offers professional translation,interpreting and editing services. We not only provide translations from / to Norwegian, but also any other language in the world.

NOREMI works with specialized teams of translators. This means that we have composed teams of translators with special competencies in various fields, including:

We believe that the most appropriate translator for your text is someone with a background in its subject or field, rather than giving it to any general translator. Because there is no translator who can specialize in all fields, we use the most appropriate and skilled translator for each text with regard to the subject and style of your text. You can be assured of getting the right translator for your needs!

We translate more than 120 languages and their combinations. Years of experience and close cooperation with authorized translators in Norway and reliable partners abroad allow us to translate your documents into all languages and language combinations. All the translators we employ are native speakers of the target language.

NOREMI use the most advanced translation applications, i.e. CAT (computer-assisted translation) tools, which allow us to guarantee the consistency and accuracy of terminology. As a result of long-term cooperation, a personal terminology base and translation memory can be created for you. This means that large discounts can be possible for repeat clients.

We will send you a completed translation in any format you require.

Please contact our Project Coordinator for general requests at or choose one of our direct contacts if you wish to receive an answer in a particular language.

Norwegian translation requests: Sindre
English translation requests: Emilijus Atminas
German translation requests: Jutta Schandel
French translation requests: David Henrion
Russian translation requests: Halyna Maksymiv
Spanish translation requests: Dolores Aros
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