Technical translations

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Should you require technical manuals, user guides or patents, we are ready to offer you our best technical translation services.

Our technical translation experience includes:

  • automotive
  • technical manuals and documentation
  • construction
  • electronics
  • engineering
  • energy
  • IT
  • manufacturing
  • medical devices
  • telecommunication
  • technology
  • transport

In addition, NOREMI provides language DTP in a range of formats, and we can deliver a file in any format you need.

Please contact our Project Coordinator for general requests at or choose one of our direct contacts if you wish to receive an answer in a particular language.

Norwegian translation requests: Sindre
English translation requests: Emilijus Atminas
German translation requests: Jutta Schandel
French translation requests: David Henrion
Russian translation requests: Halyna Maksymiv
Spanish translation requests: Dolores Aros
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