Website Translation / Localization

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Website translation and localization – become visible to the entire world! Speak your clients’ language! Reach your target audience.

We translate websites into all the major business languages. Our full service includes the translation and localisation of your web copy and interface. We can work with your html/xml files and deliver formatted translations for your webmaster to upload. We will also proofread and test all language versions before they go online.

Potential buyers will not buy goods or services if the website where they find the goods or services is not presented in their native language. The solution is simple — localise your website and get more clients!

Please contact our Project Coordinator for general requests at or choose one of our direct contacts if you wish to receive an answer in a particular language.

Norwegian translation requests: Sindre
English translation requests: Emilijus Atminas
German translation requests: Jutta Schandel
French translation requests: David Henrion
Russian translation requests: Halyna Maksymiv
Spanish translation requests: Dolores Aros
Contact Our Project Coordinator (+47) 456 93 191 Get quote online